Learn ML and race autonomous cars

Making it easier to learn AI programming by racing AI-driven cars in an online league.


Learn at your own pace by working through hands-on guides and supporting videos.

Weekly Races

Practice in simulation. Race your ai-car against friends.

Welcome to AP Racing

We provide AI curriculum for you to build fundamental knowledge about autonomous cars and AI. Apply it in a simulated environment. Race against your friends.

Race and compete

Collect data and teach your AI-car to drive in a simulator.

Use that data to race each week against friends. Earn your place on the leaderboard and compete in bigger competitions.

Learn and experiment

Follow a regularly updated pathway of short lessons at your own pace.

Test your ai-car in simulation or remote deploy your code on a physical car based at our HQ to see the results.


Experience guest lessons and office hours from industry experts.

Connect with other dev-racers in our invite-only Discord server.

Safe and Affordable

While COVID-19 precautions disrupted many activities, AP Racing remains viable under any circumstance. We engage more students than traditional clubs, for a fraction of the cost, while driving the same objectives and positive outcomes.

How it Works

2 seasons of grand prix style races followed by championships to crown the best dev-racer of each season.


Register, form a team, and start playing with the simulator. Learn the basics of ML.


Practice and get help from the community. Compete weekly in our regular season races.


The regular season’s best teams advance get a shot at the championship.

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Our call to build started in 2016.
The mission: make AI fun.