Learn ML and race autonomous cars

Making it easier to learn ML and AI programming, all through racing autonomous cars.

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Why AI and autonomous car racing?

AI is the future game-changer

You need to have AI programming knowledge to participate in the largest wealth creation engine in history. So we made it fun.

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Practice is key

Develop your skills by working through hands-on guided tasks and supporting videos.

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Learn and test your skills in a gamified, real-world autonomous vehicle simulator.

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Byte-sized lessons

Build knowledge about autonomous cars, computer vision, and machine learning.

Follow a regularly updated pathway of short video lessons at your own pace.

Guest lessons from industry experts.

Weekly office hours to answer questions and work through challenges.

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Experiment quickly

As an aspiring self-driving car engineer, experimentation is key. Don't spend big $$$ on hardware or complicated software.

Remote deploy your AI software on a physical car.

Collect data and teach your AI-car to drive in a simulator.

Upload your simulator data and get 2D visualizations of your car's behavior.

Autonomous car racing

Use your skills in a real-world environment by building an autonomous car and racing it against your friends.

Earn points by racing your AI-car every week against your friends.

Compete for top leaderboard and pole positions.

Get noticed by your peers and industry pros.

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Students come for the lessons, but stay for the competition

Safe and Affordable

While COVID-19 precautions disrupted many activities, AP Racing remains viable under any circumstance. We engage more students than traditional clubs, for a fraction of the cost, while driving the same objectives and positive outcomes.

Our mission

In 2016, we built an open source self driving car. We asked ourselves, how do we get this tech into the hands of students across the world?

Reduce the barrier as much as we possibly can and make it fun.

AP Racing is our answer.

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Learn and apply new tech quickly!


Access to our invite-only Discord Server.

Guest lessons and office hours from experts.

Simulation software updates.

Remote deploy software on a car and experiment faster.

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